Viagra Sildenafil UPD: 26.09.2020. + Bonus Pills. Buy Viagra online whitout prescription. Fast World Shipping. 24\7 Customer Support. The terrible news about Oksana Lavinska's health did not end there. On March 12, 2020, doctors diagnosed aggressive low-grade stage 4 G3 breast cancer with metastases. In such a difficult situation, not everyone has the desire to fight, many drop their hands, but not this woman. Oksana decided that she would fight and go to the end for the sake of her two-year-old daughter Alice, whom she loves above all in her life.
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The complexity of Oksana's situation was that she was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer (stomach cancer and breast cancer), both in severe stage 4.

Doctors were forced to adjust the chemotherapy protocol and formulate it to suit two cancers at the same time.
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Of course, such difficult diagnoses made by doctors puzzled 36-year-old Oksana and her relatives, but she began to struggle and has already undergone 7 courses of strong chemotherapy, which are already making progress - stopped tumor growth and spread of gastric metastases.

Recently, the woman started a new complex and even more effective chemotherapy, which is suitable for the treatment of both stomach cancer and breast cancer. The next step in treatment that can save Oksana's life is the mandatory connection of expensive immunotherapy with the drug Kittruda (Keytruda) in combination with maintenance chemotherapy. In this regard, Oksana asks for help from all concerned and those who are aware of the complexity of the situation in which the woman found herself.

Sildenafil (Viagra) is a very expensive drug and, unfortunately, a young mother does not have the financial means to pay for such expensive treatment without your help. Any financial support from you is very important for Oksana.

We cannot save the whole world and help everyone in need, but if each of us helps our neighbor, the world will become better and so little by little, we will save it in small steps.

Oksana believes that she is not alone and hopes for your support. She is grateful to everyone for her kind words, prayers for her health and financial help. Oksana loves Life and believes that treatment will definitely help her and she, with God's help and your support, is cured of such complex diseases as stage 4 stomach cancer and stage 4 breast cancer.

Only together we can help 36-year-old cheerful Oksana realize her dream - to raise and educate her two-year-old daughter Alice, who so needs a loving mother around. Anyone can join the help, now any amount is important for Oksana, a cancer patient.

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